Jun 03|11

PUNK'S NOT DEAD: The saga of my lost, epic student film.

I swear I don’t google myself that much. On average, I probably type my name into the mother of all search engines about two or three times a year. I’m not just saying that to appear modest. Here at The Word In The Stone, there is no room for dishonesty. I have a healthy ego, worthy of anyone who chooses to make a living forcing other human beings to sit in a dark room and look at them.

May 13|11

Clueless: A Story Of Vomit And Friendship In Los Angeles

I live in Los Angeles. That is still surprising for me to say, even today. Los Angeles is not a place you live in - it’s a place you end up in. You move here with a six month plan, and then you wake up twenty years later. I’d lived here for six years before I realized I lived here. Okay, fine - I know that there are people who were born here and actually grew up here, but they are a rarity in my world. A native Angeleno is the same as one of the deer that roams the Hollywood Hills - on the rare occasion you encounter one, you freeze and stare, knowing the moment isn’t going to last and that it’ll be a while before you see one again. Of course, native Angeleno’s hate hearing this, but it’s true. Of all my friends here, 99.9% came from somewhere else.

May 03|11

“Are you sitting down? You got the part!!” - A journey through the brutal and barbaric world of an actor.

Over the last few months, leading up to the release of my brand spankin’ new film ‘Insidious’, I’ve given a lot of interviews. Not ‘Tom Cruise’ lots, but a lot. Nine times out of ten I am paired in the interviews with my good friend and directing cohort James Wan. One thing we’ve noticed is that journalists from Texas to Tokyo all ask the same questions. It has made me retrospectively realize that when I was on the other side of the camera, as a ‘reporter’ working for an Australian TV show back in the day, the questions that I had thought were so original were probably just the same questions everyone else was asking.

Apr 25|11

Big, cuddly metal.

This past weekend, thousands of metalheads got together to watch a milestone event (if your idea of a milestone is four metal bands who held vague grudges against each other in the 80s deciding to finally go on tour together, that is). Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. The so-called Big Four. Playing a few hours from my house. And I wasn't there. I missed it. My excuse is so lame I can't even really recall it - something to do with a friends birthday, I think. I badly wish I had been there though.

Mar 28|11

The Blind Snide

The following story is true. One night in the not-too-distant past, my beautiful wife Corbett and I went out to a restaurant called Opaque. Our favorite thing to do is to go on date nights to restaurants we've never been to before, and it's even better if the restaurant is notable in some kitschy and/or quirky way. This particular establishment was 'notable' for its total lack of light. It was literally pitch black inside - an illogical hook for a restaurant given that seeing what you're eating is half the fun. I do not jest when I say that you could not see your own hand in front of your face - so yes, that lobster bisque I ordered could have been goat sperm mixed with orphan snot and I wouldn't have really known (save for instantly recognizing the salty texture of goat sperm, of course). The waiters in the restaurant were blind (I'm serious) and I can only hope the same didn't go for the chef. Not that blind people don't make good chefs, it's just...forget it.

Mar 15|11

Seizing the future at SXSW

This blog is hungry. I am starving it. Obviously I know that are not a great deal of people out there who care what or when I write in this thing, but to anyone who does, I apologize for the radio silence of late. It feels frivolous to muse about the goings on in my life when there is an entire country sifting through the rubble of their shattered lives and the horrific images coming out of Japan are blazing across TV screens 24-7. I suppose the best you can do is help out in any way you can, even with a small donation, whilst remembering that potential disaster lurks around the corner for all of us on this speck of cosmic dust, so try to do some good while the going is good.


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